Catalyzing Community Research and Innovation

Community research is a big part of the educational opportunities offered at Georgia Tech. Through senior capstone, studio, and other program courses led by GT faculty, students work on projects over a semester (or longer) to address a community’s needs while facilitating real-world, experiential learning and collaboration between students and the community. Students don’t come in with solutions off the bat, but rather recognize that addressing some of the most complex, pressing community issues requires building long-term university/community partnerships.

Community research projects are competitively selected, usually a semester in advance, and some may require additional resources, while others are fully funded. All programs expect students to have dedicated time within the community to work during the course of the project.

Below is a sample collection of past projects. This is a living document and by no means comprehensive, but rather a starting point for a community research engagement conversation. We encourage you to reach out to us to at to express your interest in partnering with Georgia Tech to tackle challenges in your community.