• East Point

    “Creating a better connected Georgia requires research and collaboration from many stakeholders across every layer of the public and private sector.”

    -Christine Primmer, Strategic Manager, Georgia Power Smart Cities Initiative

  • Columbus

    “This vital initiative significantly expands our state's ability to bring smart connectivity and leading-edge technologies to all of our communities.”

    -Larry K. Williams, President and CEO, Technology Association of Georgia

  • Athens

    “The Georgia Smart Communities Challenge is a great team effort that utilizes state expertise, technology and leadership to help communities compete in economic development.”

    -Pat Wilson, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development

  • Savannah

    “Community initiatives can be more successful through collaborative, people-focused approaches, and those qualities are what make the Georgia Smart Communities Challenge an important effort for the region.”

    -Doug Hooker, Executive Director, Atlanta Regional Commission

Georgia Smart Program Overview

The 2020 Georgia Smart Community Challenge is now closed to applicants.

To learn more about the opportunity, please visit the 2020 Georgia Smart Community Challenge page.

The Georgia Smart Communities Challenge (“Georgia Smart”) is a funding and technical assistance program for local governments within the State of Georgia. Georgia Smart is a first-of-its-kind opportunity for communities of any size in Georgia to receive grant funding and support that enables them to envision, explore, and plan for their “smart” future. Communities will be given financial assistance, a partnership with a Georgia Tech research team, networking opportunities, and access to additional, unique resources to execute their projects. These resources include connections to industry experts and access to technology solutions provided by our provider-partners.

Georgia Smart is organized by the Georgia Institute of Technology in partnership with Georgia Power, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), Association County Commissioners of Georgia, Georgia Centers for Innovation, Georgia Chamber, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Georgia Municipal Association, Metro Atlanta Chamber, and Technology Association of Georgia, Georgia Planning Association, and the Global City Teams Challenge.

Georgia Smart supports local governments of any size within the State of Georgia — cities, counties, and consolidated city-county governments — to explore the use, deployment, and/or integration of smart community technologies into their jurisdictions and operations. These technologies include intelligent infrastructures, information and communication technologies (ICTs), Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and other computational or digital technologies, such as data centers and portals, web and smartphone applications, and automated digital services. Georgia Smart projects are year-long planning and pilot studies that articulate the needs and challenges of communities while looking to improve the lives of all citizens in inclusive and equitable ways by addressing local challenges as well as building the capacity to address challenges in the future.

Projects supported by Georgia Smart are 1 year projects (September - September), and conclude with presentations of process, evaluation, and next steps during a public event.

Georgia Smart provides support for selected local governments in a few ways:
- Up to $100,000 in grant funding
- Technical assistance from a Georgia Tech research team
- Access to a network of peer governments to share knowledge and best practices
- Access to local, national, and international network of experts to advise pilot smart communities

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Georgia Smart made possible by our partners.